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Transcripro finds its roots in the Philippines as a medical transcription training center in the first quarter of 2004. It further expanded by opening a medical transcription production facility at the Philippine Economic Zone (PEZA) in Baguio City on the second quarter of 2004. Transcripro was the first medical transcription company to be registered with PEZA.

From medical transcription, Transcripro further expanded services to include legal transcription, general transcription, answering service specializing in doctor's offices, and virtual secretarial services.

With this expansion of services, Transcripro also opened a Makati City office (the central business center of the Philippines) in early 2006.

By third quarter of 2006, the Baguio City transcription facility transferred to Transcripro's own 3-story building standing on a 780 sq. m. property. The company also widened its horizons by transferring its head office to Tampa, Florida, USA. This was made possible by the joint venture agreement of Transcripro Philippines and Fardeco, Inc., thus creating Transcripro USA by late 2006.

Transcripro USA, since its establishment, has MTs spread in several States, and the number continues to increase.

With this development, clients of Transcripro (particularly its clients for medical transcription) can now choose where they want the job done. Transcripro believes its clients have the right know whether or not their files are being sent offshore, and that the clients have the right to choose where their files will be processed.

At the onset of 2007 up to 2010, Transcripro Philippines (TPI) had implemented the shift from office based to secure home based transcribers, which was made possible with the increased internet penetration within the Philippines. By the year 2011 majority of the TPI transcribers are working home based (fully HIPAA compliant). This is a welcome development for the existing team of Medical and Legal Transcriptionists, and the strong and competent team of Offline and Realtime Video Captioners. The end result of this team effort is increased efficiency and competitiveness, faster turn-around time (TAT), and much improved quality.

Transripro's continuous growth in the Philippines and in the USA is a fruit of the dedication and commitment by the entire team. Transcripro focuses on quality, and nothing but quality.

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